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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The past few months, when not working on completing my undergrad degree, I spent several hours processing your very generous support. I can think of no better way to start this trip than by thanking each of you who have provided for me through finances and prayer. As we watched the dollar fall in Peru, I was constantly blessed by more and more checks in the mail. What was once a $500 per month budget has now become a $700 per month budget. But because of your generosity, I have no need to worry. You have amply provided for my needs and the needs of others during this trup. Again, thank you!

Now, roughly two weeks before my plane leaves SFO, I'm planning meetings with the Lima staff and working on a packing list. Making doctor's appointments. Visiting friends. Reading books. Studying culture. Resting. Praying.

Come January 1st I'll board the southbound plane. While in Peru, I will be working with Vida Joven, Young Life's name throughout Latin America, teaching English to junior high aged students, serving at summer camps, and learning a new culture. During that time I will be posting my experiences here, along with pictures. Please check back here for more updates from Lima!

Again, thank you for the financial support, and for your prayers. As I prepare for this trip, please continue praying for safety, both for me personally, and our friends in Peru. Pray that God would open my eyes to what he is already doing in Lima. Ask that He would use me in ways I do not expect.

Humbly yours,



  1. Hi, Travis. I am enjoying your blog, AND I am praying for you as you are transliterated into the Peruvian culture. YOU will not be "translated" into the culture for a while...but it may happen quickly for you, since you ;have so much sensitivity and can go with the flow so well. Just some insight for you...don't worry too much about processing it all...just live there. It downs' work to try to make sense of just is. That's Peru. Enjoy it. Learn it and suck it in. Understanding it doesn't really's ancient, and just is, like the Garden of Eden just was. When you get that, THEN you will actually understand the culture better. It's a very loving culture, and appreciative of EVERYTHING! (There is a materialistic side to it that stems from the outside world's influence, but you will see that for what it is, since we live in it here.)
    On another note, I am interested to hear what you have to say about the weather there at this time of year. when I lived there, the mornings were cool and foggy/cloudy, giving way to intense sunshine by noon, and clouding up again and cooling by about 3-4 p.m. and getting dismal, although the sun was out above the clouds till a good 9 or so. weird.
    I loved the bead story. I would also like a pendant and two matching beads...I make/made jewelry (there) too. :).
    the funeral story intrigued me. I didNOT have such an experience there, though I heard about it. I had that experience in Mexico, but it was totally different and filled with lore and superstition. your story was very interesting.
    I wish we'd met up a few times to discuss Peru before you left, but maybe it is better this way. You are seeing it the way I saw it when I first arrived...raw. No preconceived ideas, predictions or analysis, which may have developed if I had told you stories of my stay there, which, though a year long, was a whirlwind and actually rather blurry in my memories (perhaps some of that is due to age and the fact that it was 43 years ago! Cheesh...that long???? I AM old!)
    I lived in Chacarilla del Estanque. There were only a few homes there then, but looking at Google Earth, I see that there are lots of homes there now. Tell me what it is like if you get out there.
    I am also wondering WHY there is no Young Life for the kids at the American school...Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School. I know they could have benefitted from it when I went, and I felt lost without it...that's part of the reason for my unravelling during college. Please look into that and tell me WHY NOT? Most of the kids there have no church to go to...and many there were believers or nearly so when I attended, and I am sure the school culture is still similar to what I knew there. Academic excellence ruled.
    I will continue to pray for you, for Christen and Cristian, for the VJ there, and for the unity of that VJ family to become contagious to our Sanger/Fowler clubs upon your return. We need that fusion/cohesion element. There is too much distance between kids/ kids & leaders/ leaders&leaders...and committee/board is virtually non existent...I am it. and communication...pretty sporadic. We need more unity. I love that you see it there. That's what I experienced in Mexico, and yearn for here. NOW YOU will understand that part of MY experience with YL!!
    Well, Happy New Year, and I will be reading and writing here. I am here for you, Travis. I will be able to understand most of what you will be going through, adapting to, seeing and experiencing AND enjoying. I will also understand the MYSTERY that you will sense about Peru. Please share. Blessings and love, MammaduckDar.

    1. Dar,

      I talked with Christen about the international school. They have tried to start club there several times, but the frequent turnover of students and teachers makes it nearly impossible. Along with obstacle, they are also facing the attitudes of the students and families at the school, which generally agree that they already have everything they need, and don't need to play silly games at Young Life. If they want fun they can go and buy it.

      Weather here is still as you remember it. Very warm, very humid, often cloudy.