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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The past few months, when not working on completing my undergrad degree, I spent several hours processing your very generous support. I can think of no better way to start this trip than by thanking each of you who have provided for me through finances and prayer. As we watched the dollar fall in Peru, I was constantly blessed by more and more checks in the mail. What was once a $500 per month budget has now become a $700 per month budget. But because of your generosity, I have no need to worry. You have amply provided for my needs and the needs of others during this trup. Again, thank you!

Now, roughly two weeks before my plane leaves SFO, I'm planning meetings with the Lima staff and working on a packing list. Making doctor's appointments. Visiting friends. Reading books. Studying culture. Resting. Praying.

Come January 1st I'll board the southbound plane. While in Peru, I will be working with Vida Joven, Young Life's name throughout Latin America, teaching English to junior high aged students, serving at summer camps, and learning a new culture. During that time I will be posting my experiences here, along with pictures. Please check back here for more updates from Lima!

Again, thank you for the financial support, and for your prayers. As I prepare for this trip, please continue praying for safety, both for me personally, and our friends in Peru. Pray that God would open my eyes to what he is already doing in Lima. Ask that He would use me in ways I do not expect.

Humbly yours,