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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Sandlot

Remember the scene where the big-time jocks interrupt the game, riding their bikes into the infield? When the catcher, Ham Porter, and the head jock face off in a contest of insults, and Porter shuts him up with, "You play ball like a girl!" Remember that scene? And then how the boys challenged a real team to a real game on a real field, and beat them? I watched that scene today.

Well, not exactly. Over the past couple of days when Carlos and I have gone to Santa Rosa, we've found the boys we've been hanging out with playing soccer on the big dirt field at the end of the block. They've been challenging a real team to a game every day. The first day we watched, they lost 6-1. Today, they were ahead most of the game, 2-1 at the beginning of the second half, and lost in the final five minutes, 4-3. But their cheer section is growing. We got to meet several more kids today who came out to watch their friends play.

Maybe the coolest thing that happened was that the other team's coach recognized the kids' potential. He realized that his team that has been training for some time now should have lost. After the game, he called a couple of our new friends aside and offered to work with them, to help coach their team before the next tournament. I had wondered why these boys didn't play last Sunday. It looks like they'll have a shot next time.

It's a slow night around the apartment. Carlos just went to pick up a few ingredients that we need to make dinner. Not much else happening. I'm realizing that I am very tired. I slept most of the morning today and could still use more rest. Hopefully I'll get that in the next couple of days.

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